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The Short Term Retirement Program offers full-service consulting, helping investors plan for retirement or replace their income through real estate acquisitions with private financing that will implement aggressive loan pay down, accelerating equity and cash flow for maximum returns.

I have worked on the development of this program since I became a real estate investor, as I studied private financing and how it can change the industry. I have strived to create a product and see the day where a mortgage puts investors back in control of their money, safe from the hands of corrupt financiers, banks, and Wall Street institutions.

Robert Feol, founder,

No Time To Lose

No Time To Lose...

start working for you

Stop waiting for your ship to come in. It's here, and waiting for you - time to turn off CNN and purchase some hard assets, and accelerate your payments! Let your mortgage START WORKING FOR YOU! Accelerate Your Retirement Using Memphis Investment Real Estate Coupled With Private Financing.

No Credit To Repair

No Credit To Repair...

no credit qualification

Everyone knows the FICO score is so convoluted and subjective, no one can really explain it, but it rules the lives of most Americans. Why continue to allow your financial independence to hinge on a mistake you made or the damage caused by the thief who stole your identity 6 years ago?

No Appraisal To Fail

No Appraisal To Fail...

eliminate fees

Appraisals, an extremely subjective estimate of a home's market value,
have created more problems than solutions. Why leave your 'junk fees' in the hands of an appraiser, when you can eliminate both your junk fees AND your appraiser!!! Get back in the game! And do it this time TO WIN!

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What People are Saying About the Short Term Retirement Program

"The Short-Term Retirement Program is the simplest Real-Estate wealth builder ever designed for the single investor. Robert Feol, using his years of industry experience, and his unequaled ability to listen and respond to investors needs has made available his best program to date. Anyone interested in building wealth and income through real estate must try The Short-Term Retirement Program."

Scott Gruber

"So called "no money down" real estate investing has dashed the dreams of a great many and fueled our country's economic crisis. The goal of any real estate investor is to own property free and clear. Robert’s program provides the roadmap for achieving that objective."

Greg Ziskind
Founder, CloseTrak Title and Escrow


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