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The Short Term Retirement Program

From Real Estate Investment Guru, Robert Feol

The Short Term Retirement Program is a revolutionary finance and investment paradigm designed to help you shatter your financial prison and break free of the financial bondage you and your family have been living in for generations.

"See which way the crowd is running, then run the other way as fast as possible." - Robert Feol

    About the Author

    Robert C. Feol, Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach

    JOIN THE REVOLUTION. The revolution of people who are TAKING BACK THEIR FINANCIAL LIVES after being sick and tired of working year after year, living paycheck to paycheck, going nowhere.

    Have you ever spent a weekend afternoon cleaning out your garage, and you felt a great sense of accomplishment after only a few hours of dedicated work? What a great feeling.

    Now, compare that with the job and career you have been going to, day after day, and year after year. How is it you no longer feel any sense of accomplishment or growth, yet you spend most of you waking life doing it?

    Or what about this – do these circumstances eerily mirror your life?

    Your paycheck spent, often well in advance of actually receiving it?

    Credit card debt, unpayable, and unsustainable. Piling up, with interest rates so high your minimum payment doesn’t even DENT the principal owed?

    Student loan debt, which often exceeds most people’s house mortgage?

    30 year home loans you are making no progress on?

    Massive car loan payments which seem to never end?

    Property assessments increasing every two years?

    Less than $500 in your checking or savings account?

    Wondering when and how this will all end?

    Sound familiar?

    It should. 76% of Americans are in the same boat.

    Do YOU fit this description? Trust us, you came to the right website.

    Change Your Life NOW

    Teacher, Speaker, Radio Show Host, and Real Estate Investor Robert C. Feol spent almost 9 years working on a book that will fundamentally change how the average working American family looks at finances forever. Including over 500 pages of earth shattering thought, theory, treatise, and fundamental instruction on WHY you are unable to get ahead, the nefarious financial market factors intentionally arrayed against you, and how to get TRUE redemption(how to SOLVE your financial problems, once and for all) are all included in this text. Strategies, tips, tricks, and techniques to change your world are ALL included.

    Note: Due to length we are now offering a 7 x 10, large hardcover text format which is 370 Full Color pages!

    • Tips that WORK.
    • Investment strategies that teach you how to get others to PAY YOUR BILLS FOR YOU.

    This is the one book which will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER.

    That book, and the life changing information in it, is about to be released in limited quantities.


    What is For You On This Website?

    Here on this website you can:

    • Preorder the book(DO IT!)
    • Join our mailing list for updated information on Robert’s upcoming seminars and speaking engagements, as well as book signings and television appearances.
    • Read about the upcoming ONLINE coaching programs for people who are ready to become financially free and want to start NOW!
    • Use the financial calculators Robert has designed to help you determine how to deploy your capital effectively, and fight the amortization strategies that the bankster cronies want you to use to KEEP YOU IN DEBT.
    • Understand why college may not be ‘right’ for you, your pocketbook, or your financial freedom.
    • Access high level, effective real estate coaching that will pay for itself in just a few months
    • Access dialogue about buying discounted homes and how to implement these major, cost saving strategies into your financial picture.
    • Learn how to slash your debts(including your mortgage) for pennies on the dollar!


    After engaging in over 2000 purchase and sale transactions in the Memphis, Tennessee real estate marketplace, Robert C. Feol brings you his seminal work – The Short Term Retirement Program®.

    Accepted for publication by Page Publishing in New York City in 2017, this critically acclaimed book will soon be OUT FOR RELEASE.

    Get your copy now. Get on the preorder list for one of the few books you will ever read which will FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

    Got questions? Email [email protected] or get in touch with Robert directly: [email protected]

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